Our Beliefs


Instead of discussing our photographic style, the standard about us documentary, our customer support or our infrastructure - which we think are still wonderful - we would like to take a different approach and explain what we've learned and believe in during our last 20 years in business.

1) We believe your wedding and portrait photography should be fun, engaging, illustrative, dramatic, fashionable, sexy, savvy, timeless, daring and different.

2) We believe in client relationships transforming into friend relationships.

3) We believe that our friends/clients (aka YOU) should be proud of the pictures that we create, as a team, and show them off, with pride, accompanied with a HUGE smile!

4) We believe that your wedding, engagement, family and senior albums should be incredible, simple, clean yet jaw-dropping.

5) We believe that people want gorgeous images that deserve to be in fashion, wedding and family magazines.

6) We believe in love, snuggling, big hugs, family, friends, beautiful photography and great relationships.

7) We believe you want beautiful images for your wedding and portraits, we believe you want superb service and an excellent turnaround time for your album/products.

8) We believe there are many couples, families and seniors that believe in what we believe in. 

If you believe in the above, we can't wait for you to contact us!

Candid Imagery

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